Workshops are a great way to develop your game outside of table practise. Dendy Park is the home of a number of the top players and we invite other expert players from Australia and other countries to pass on their insider tips.
Take advantage of the workshops on offer to lift your game to the next level and get the best out of yourself.

Ron Klinger Workshop
How to Guess Well as Declarer
Time: Wednesday 7 June 2017, 9.30 – 11.30am
Cost: $30 (includes notes)

Book early to ensure a chance to meet Australia’s best loved & respected bridge player, teacher and author in person.
Free coffee, tea cakes and biscuits.
Lunch available from the Café.

To Book: call (0414-353-996) or email Boris.

Our usual Duplicate to follow at 12 noon.

Improvers Workshop
Effective Overcalling
Time: Saturday 4 June, 10am – Midday
Cost: $20 (includes notes)

Overcalling in the auction can often be fraught with danger. In this workshop we explore the motives behind overcalling, the baseline requirements, and the hidden traps that are often fallen into creating poor scores.

Workshops are a mix of lecture, quizzes, and practice hands. Take home notes are included with every workshop.

Booking essential: call (0414-353-996) or email Boris or sign up at the club.

Saturday 12 April: 10am – noon
Instructor: Ben Kingham
Cost: $20 per person (Notes provided)

Ben’s last Workshop was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot.
We are sure our next workshop on the topic of responding to and bidding over pre-empts will be just as much fun.
The workshop includes a discussion on how to use Lebensohl over a pre-empt.

Book with
Boris 0414 353 996 or
George 0417 052 246
Or put your name on the board in the club.
Dendy Park Bridge has some upcoming intermediate classes to help improve your game and get in sync with your partner.
Responder bidding on the second round is a difficult task. Often the denomination and level of aspiration for the partnership is unclear. It is imperative that as a partnership we understand our bidding framework bounds and what it allows, otherwise our auctions can run off the rails very quickly.
These two workshops aim to cover how to handle the bidding as responder with weak, intermediate and strong hands in non-fit auctions. Each workshop has lecture notes and practise play hands to reinforce learning.

 Responder Bidding: Weak & Invitational Hands
Covers how to handle those awkward rebids without a fit and 6-9 or 10-12 points.
Saturday 25 October: 10am – noon
Instructor: Ben Kingham
Cost: $20 per person (notes provided)

 Responder Bidding: Strong Hands
Covering how to handle the auction with strong hands 13+ that haven't yet found a fit.

Saturday 8 November: 10am – noon
Instructor: Ben Kingham
Cost: $20 per person (notes provided)

Book with
Boris 0414 353 996 or
Or put your name on the board in the club.