WIZO Luncheon & Bridge
  • Sunday 26 May, 12 noon on
  • Directors: George & Boris

WIZO Masada invite you for lunch & bridge in support of their projects in Israel. Lunch is at 12 noon followed by bridge at 1 pm. All this for $30 per person.

To book call Jona Goldman on 9528 2844 or 0416-944-828

Refreshments provided throughout the day
(coffee, tea, biscuits & variety of cakes).

  • 8 week course
  • Starts: Tues 18 June, 7:30 - 10:00pm

Come to Dendy Park to learn the best card game ever invented. It is a great way to make new friends and keep mentally fit.
This is your opportunity to learn the basics and it is sure to be enough to get you hooked on bridge.
Only $160 for our 8 week program.

Book now on 0414-353-996 or boris@dpbridge.com.

Please let us know if you, a family member or friends, are interested in beginner lessons starting in February.

Simply send us an email: boris@dpbridge.com

Private lessons
  • Take your game to a new level

George and Boris are each available to provide private lessons. All lessons are tailored to your individual requirements and include relevant notes and follow-up material.

We cater for one-on-one and group lessons. Chat to us in the club, call or email us to discuss.

Our 2019 cruise to Honolulu sails soon, but there are still a few places left on our cruise from Shanghai to Sydney departing 26 August. To book speak to Boris or George.

24/7 views, travel to new places, all while improving your bridge. It’s a fantasy come true.

Try our 2019 cruises. From 21 April to 5 May we will sail away to Honolulu. Please hurry this cruise is almost fully booked.

From 26 August to 17 September we are planning to sail from Shanghai to Sydney.
Check out our brochures.

  • Swiss Pairs: Sun, 23 June 2019
  • Cost: $40 (lunch is not included)
  • Director: Laurie Kelso
  • Enter: call or email Boris, or use the Event Entry
Delicious lunch available. Please pre-order your lunch on arrival at our café. Refreshments, tea & coffee available all day.

Cash & other prizes will be awarded, including for best restricted pair (determined on the day) & best Dendy Park pair (both players must be members of Dendy Park).

Thanks to all participants and and our sponsor Tony Neasmith from Dolphin Partners Stockbrokers for yet another successful congress.

Congratulations to our winners:

      1. J. Ebery and J. Coutts
      2. A. St Clair & D. Harley
      3.K. Zhang & J. Huan

Best Dendy Park Pairs

      T. Neasmith & S. Small (pictured)
      D. Kennan & D. Swabey
      J. Feldman & J. Richards

Sponsored by Financial Services
Tony Neasmith
0418 310 393

Dolphin Partners Stockbrokers

Red point Tuesday, walk-in for 7:30pm
Join our prime evening game for red masterpoints & great prizes.
New comp each month starting on the first Tuesday - xx.

This is a walk-in event, but to win you must play at least 3 times in the month. The pair with the best 3 scores over the month will be declared the winners.

Well done to our runners up:
2. L. Woolf & M.Chrapot;
3. R. Sicree & P. Martin.

Tuesday night is Pizza night.

Thursday Pre-bridge tuition
  • Thursday mornings, 11:30am

Please join us every Thursday morning at 11:30am for a quick tutorial before our noon duplicate.

Once you attend you will understand why its so popular.

  • Tuesday Night, 7:30pm-10pm

Join us for supervised play each Tuesday evening (7:30pm) and/or Friday morning (9:30am). No need to bring a partner.

Revise and reinforce the fundamentals of bidding and card play in a light, fun, and social setting. Our expert teachers are patient, encouraging and all inclusive.
Ideal for those who have completed a beginner program or had time away from the game.
A topical lesson is included in each session along with play to practice.

Come on your own or with a partner. We’d love to see you at the club.


Delicious hot & cold food and drinks available all day, including a take away menu.
Please support Ann and her team.

Relax at Dendy Park
February Champion Pair
B. a’Beckett & L. Parke

February Best Player
M. Spurrier